We're on a mission to bring financial capacity, competency, and confidence to the animal care ecosystem.

Our Story

Accountants have traditionally built financial statements based on where a client has been – recording every transaction and making sure it was correctly classified and dated. These records were used to prepare tax returns but offered little value to the business owner whose survival depends on the future.

However, the rise of cloud computing, mobile platforms, and artificial intelligence has changed how we capture and account for transactions. Even though these tools are affordable and readily available to everyone, there is still a lot of know-how required to implement them effectively.

That’s where Fulcrum Finance comes in. By merging our passion for building successful businesses with our love of animals, we are bringing new opportunities to the animal care ecosystem. Unlike accountants of the past, we concentrate on integrating the right tools and processes into your day-to-day operations. Once this foundation exists, we’re free to shift our focus to what matters – the future of your business.

Today, we’re helping veterinarians and animal care professionals across MN and WI seize new financial opportunities and provide enhanced care to the animals we treasure.


Meet David

As the Owner and President of Fulcrum Finance, David Onan helps animal care professionals seize the financial opportunities they need to scale their business. After spending nearly 30 years leading companies in the corporate world, David left to share his financial and technical know-how with other entrepreneurs striving to achieve their dreams.

David holds an accounting degree from the University of Minnesota and has years of experience supporting multi-national clients, but he does more than crunch the numbers. His passion for business finance, operations, and technology has secured his reputation as the go-to expert for financial software implementation, integrations, financial forecasting, and big data analytics.

When David's not leading business acquisitions, divestitures, and corporate financing, you can find him spending time with his horses, guiding meditations, or sailing.

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